Hercules & the Hydra: the beast that wouldn’t die. 


imageIf you lopped off a head, another grew back. Hercules seared the wounds to prevent regrowth, and finished his second labor. We all have monsters in our lives–addictions, bad habits, old memories, worries, fears, stresses, control needs, hopelessness, and more. We try to chop one off, but another rears its ugly head in its place. Only a greater power, a searing heat to our souls, can purge these from returning.

We can’t defeat the Hydras for another person. Everyone must accept the searing power into their own lives. We aren’t Hercules for another, just as we aren’t Christ for someone else. We can bring someone to Christ, but each person must accept the searing of Christ’s power in his or her own life. Only then will they be a victor, a hero of their own story.

Victory comes from surrendering to a greater power. After all, the idea of fire didn’t originate with Hercules. Iolaos, his nephew, helped him by applying the burning brands.

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