Driving out to exercise, I waited for the traffic to clear both ways across the busy highway I have to enter to access the bypass. I live on a side road near the lake that only the residents and locals travel. This other road has the whole world on it sometimes!

It doesn’t pay to be in a hurry, however, for hurry always buys trouble. This intersection is the site of many a wreck as a result. Having a bank on one side and a strip mall on the other side that has cars exiting both north and south in addition to the vehicles on the main road turning there and onto my road, plus my road feeding into this maelstrom is quite the test for anyone’s nerves.

I just breathe and wait, for rushing doesn’t serve any good purpose. There is always a moment of calmness when all clears for five seconds and you can enter without a great pealing of tires and smoke.

As I drove up onto the bypass, I rode on the hills. Above the winter worn fingers of the trees, I saw the rising of the moon in the late afternoon sky.

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